Beers We Have Known and Loved

Beers We Have Known and Loved
  • Find out more about Stone Soup . Stone Soup This beer is a living testament to the value of many working together to create something bigger than the individual parts. Moving a mountain begins with a single stone.
  • Find out more about Hop Hearty. Hop Hearty Finally the Wisconsin I.P.A. you've been thirsten' for. Brewed with the best of the Old and New World Hops. Rich caramel flavors along with an intense hop aroma you won't soon forget.
  • Find out more about Organic Revolution. Organic Revolution Today Dan pushed the purity envelope by using Organic Hallertau Hops from Germany with Wisconsin organically malted barley to create complex and assertively hoppy golden ale.
  • Find out more about Edel Pils. Edel Pils Our little village brewery in New Glarus, Wisconsin is proud to offer you Edel-Pils. This "Noble-Pilsner" is the creation of our brewmaster.
  • Find out more about Road Slush. Road Slush This dark stout is a hearty and satisfying reward for those of us who embrace the frozen tundra.
  • Find out more about Solstice. Solstice The solstice heralds in summer. Solstice Weiss is gently brewed, in the time honored tradition, using 60% malted wheat and a triple fermentation.
  • Find out more about Crack'd Wheat. Crack'd Wheat Do not waste time attempting to box this brew into some esoteric guide o'style. This is Dan's bold creation...
  • Find out more about Black Wheat. Black Wheat Our Black Wheat arrives to relieve the bleak bore of Wisconsin's winter. Rich and chewy this bottle conditioned weiss is bursting with Midwestern wheat, oats, rye and finished by malted barley.
  • Find out more about Copper Kettle Weiss. Copper Kettle Weiss Warm reflective copper, it is the perfected hue of dunkle weiss and our brewhouse. Dan traveled to Germany in search of the very special Bavarian Weiss yeast...
  • Find out more about Dan's Best Bitter. Dan's Best Bitter An English pint shared with good friends was the inspiration for our cask conditioned Best Bitter.
  • Find out more about Native Ale. Native Ale Indigenous (in•dij’ • •n s) adj. Existing or produced naturally in a region; belonging (to) as a native: Ex: New Glarus Native Ale. Naturally bold, dark and charming this ale is the ultimate drinkable brew.
  • Find out more about Norski Mai Bock. Norski Mai Bock Blonde bocks were first brewed as fest biers during May Day celebrations. Mai Bocks are traditionally pale in color and lightly hopped.
  • Find out more about Tailwagger . Tailwagger Barley Wines are big beers! In fact this is the strongest beer we have ever brewed for our friends here in Wisconsin.
  • Find out more about Zwickel. Zwickel It is the custom of village breweries in Bavaria to invite special friends to the Brewmaster’s cellars to share bier at its freshest, “Zwickel Bier” direct from lager tanks.
  • Find out more about Celtic Stout. Celtic Stout Hearty and satisfying this stout is brewed with 100% pure English floor malt, the finest stout malt in the world.
  • Find out more about ALT. ALT Saluting our continued survival on this planet we decided to go all out with New Glarus Alt. A defiant anomaly tenacious and independent this is a flavor experience to relish.
  • Find out more about Uff-da. Uff-da Here is a Bock brewed to appease the Gods of Winter. Hearty and full-bodied this is a "Big" bier.
  • Find out more about Laughing Fox. Laughing Fox This is a sparkling Kristal Weizen brewed in the Bavarian tradition with 50% Wisconsin wheat in our open top fermenters. Tickle your nose notes of spicy clove and cinnamon abound.