Beers We Have Known and Loved - Thumbprint

Beers We Have Known and Loved - Thumbprint
Beers We Have Known and Loved - Thumbprint

A few times a year, we cut Dan loose to brew whatever he chooses. Always handcrafted, the bottle you hold is brewed for the adventurous soul. This is a very limited edition and we make no promises to ever brew this style again. 

  • Belgian Quad Inspired by the Trappist brewers of Belgium, our heavyweight Quadruple tips the O.G. scales at 25 degrees Plato.
  • Bourbon Barrel Bock Sublimely elegant this toffee toned Bock is rich with a blend of Wisconsin and German barley malts.
  • Bohemian Lager Elegant masterpiece of complexity...triple decoction, 100% Czech Moravian malt, fermentation in unlined oak tanks, generous amounts of Saaz Hops, Krausening and a three month ice cold lager.
  • Iced Barley Wine English aristocracy flaunted their wealth saving barley wines for exclusive friends. Our Iced Barley Wine is an intense brew of 28.5 degrees Plato OG.
  • Imperial Saison Our Imperial Saison captured a bold celebratory shout of apricot and peach in a bottle. Both bright and bold this is a lively truly living beer.
  • Old English Porter Inspired by the writings of Graham Wheeler and based on the style popular in 1870's London.
  • Winter Warmer Indulge in our heady scotch ale. This "Winter Warmer" is a celebration of roasted toffee notes wrapped in rich tawny tones and toasty palate.
  • Smoked Rye Bock Rich imported malts are dominated by our Bamberg smoked malted barley as well as Wisconsin Rye. This is a big, dark beer appropriate for lying down or drinking immediately.
  • Imperial IPA Warning: Caution: Our Imperial IPA will smack you In-Your-Face. This is an aggressively hoppy IPA.
  • Imperial Stout Handcrafted for you with the same care that English brewers used when brewing Imperial Stouts for Russian Royalty.
  • Sour Brown Ale Generally available to the exclusive few who travel off the beaten paths of Belgium this is a truly sour brown ale.
  • Eisbock The first of our "Unplugged" series of beers. This Eisbock is a big and complex beer.
  • Abt Belgian Dark Candi Sugar encourages the decadence of rum, raisin dark chocolate and sherry like fruit tones to conspire happily in almost 20° Plato.
  • Triple Ale This beer is handcrafted in the Monastic tradition and bottle fermented for a slightly dry finish. The incredibly complex layers of fruit and spice tones will sing on your palette.
  • Smoked Rye Ale A bold rich smoky nose is created naturally with a blend of smoked malts. This is a big smoked beer appropriate for sipping slowly today.
  • IIPA A provocative 85 IBUs reverberates cleanly through this Double IPA. True hop saturation from kettle boil to dry hop cellaring dominates this elegant and lustful sensory enchantment.
  • Chocolate Abbey Brewed with a proprietary Belgian yeast and English Maris Otter Malt it is smooth and rich.
  • Barley Wine Blend of four hops perfectly balanced with floor malted barley.
  • Saison Fresh hops snap with lemon zest and peppery ginger notes in this bottle conditioned brew.
  • Spiced Ale Lavish English and Wisconsin Malts slow brewed caramel goodness into this beefy bronze Strong Ale...
  • Dubbel Ancient traditions dictate this Belgian style Dubbel was brewed with a long kettle boil, pitching a blend of yeast strains and bottle conditioning encouraged with Belgian Candi Sugar.
  • Apple Ale Our Brewmaster begins with a brown ale base employing Wisconsin farmed wheat and a blend of fresh picked apples.
  • Enigma Our Master Brewer has forged a smooth garnet tapestry that defies description.
  • Oud Bruin 2016 Soft toffee notes lead with a blend of Wisconsin, British and German malts that first rested in the Coolship before spontaneously fermenting on oak in the cave.
  • Smoke on the Porter Wisconsin barleys were generously cold smoked with Cherry Wood in Chilton by our friends at Briess Malting.
  • Berliner Weisse Napoleon hailed this tart beer style "the Champagne of the North." A lively and elegant masterpiece this Berliner Weisse is a kaleidoscope of fresh flavor.
  • Milk Stout Our sweet stout is brewed right here in the heart of America’s Dairyland with a touch of real Wisconsin Milk Sugar.
  • Cherry Stout Wisconsin malted barleys and Montmorency Cherries aged in oak barrels to promote the spontaneous fermentation.
  • Spotted Cow Grand Cru Bottle fermented and hazy, this boss Cow rules.