Thumbprint Series

Thumbprint Series
It is always flattering when less imaginative competitors copy our beers, packaging, and/or marketing. I usually accept this as a personal challenge to do something more. When our trademarked Solstice name was infringed on, I regrouped with Dancing Man. When lots of deconstructed 4 and 6 packs showed up I knew I was doing a good job. When another Midwestern brewer released a "Un*******" series. I thought I can do better.

Thumbprint beers are still brewed with the beer enthusiast in mind. Thumbprint beers are brewed in small batches that are intended to be available for one time only. However, popular demand has caused some styles to return. This is my own thumbprint, to let everyone know this is a real New Glarus handcrafted beer! Cheers.

—Deborah Carey (President, New Glarus Brewing Company)

A few times a year, we cut Dan loose to brew whatever he chooses. Always handcrafted, the bottle you hold is brewed for the adventurous soul. This is a very limited edition and we make no promises to ever brew this style again.

  • Find out more about Mistral. Mistral Mistral winds blow juicy pear and citrus notes through our single hop Bohemian Style Pilsner.
  • Find out more about Scream IIPA. Scream IIPA Scream boasts an inspired 85 IBUs that reverberate cleanly though this IIPA.
  • Find out more about 2019 Flanders Sour. 2019 Flanders Sour This expertly blended and spontaneously fermented Flanders Sour Red is a vibrant sour experience.
  • Find out more about Serendipity. Serendipity You hold the happy accident of Wisconsin’s favorite fruit aged in oak with an almost magical wild fermentation.
  • Find out more about Cran-bic. Cran-bic Sparkling and bright this is a Wisconsin original created for you in the traditional method employed by the Lambic Brewers of Belgium.
  • Find out more about Break O'Day Juicy IPA. Break O'Day Juicy IPA This juice-infused Wisconsin Session IPA boasts 100% Midwestern barley malt.
  • Find out more about Imperial Weizen . Imperial Weizen Dry hopping boldly rules over Wisconsin red wheat and our special strain of Bavarian yeast.
  • Find out more about Strawberry Rhubarb. Strawberry Rhubarb Diploma Master Brewer Dan employed juicy sweet Strawberries to tame the barbaric wild tart fermentation of rhubarb. Bright sour and effervescent.
  • Find out more about 2018 Wild Sour Ale. 2018 Wild Sour Ale Finally, after a year and a half of patient coaxing, Wisconsin dark malts whirl in a kaleidoscope of cedar, caramel and tart green plum exuberance.
  • Find out more about Chocolate Stout. Chocolate Stout Dive into the deep cocoa magic with rich fudgy notes.