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No new posts Chad Coffee Stout and Uff-Da Bock my number 1 & 2 favorite beers. New Glarus has it going on, keep up the good work. 01/13/2012
No new posts Claudio There's nothing better than a cold Spotted Cow after a long week of work. But seeing the video and hearing their mission and dedication to making the finest beer and not overly concerned of expanding the size of their empire makes the beer that much more enjoyable. Thanks you! 09/07/2011
No new posts Thomas I am out here at Ft. McCoy on a training event and have had the opportunity to taste some of your beers. They are simply excellent. When I went to the brewery web page I was impressed by the story of your establishment. Keep going and hold true to your ethic. 08/01/2011
No new posts Derek Hi, just tried my first ever craft beer.....spotted cow. I am going to have to get some more, because this is by far the best beer I have drank. I myself am a budlight drinker but now you have a new customer thank you for your great brew! 07/23/2011
No new posts Chuck Lichon My buddy from my hometown in MI and now living in Madison brought me a six pack of your Spotted Cow beer a couple of weeks ago when we had a reunion at my place along the shores of the Saginaw Bay; the only problem was that a six pack was not nearly enough. I enjoy mostly Canadian and European brew, but this was great ale that I would drink anyday. Need to get it in Michigan. :) Thanks for your quality brew. 07/20/2011
No new posts buddhablue just up in wisconsin for some training with the Epic folks. stayed in middleton, and had the spotted cow a couple nights at one of the local bars. (third night i was somewhere else, and they were out!) wonderful beer! living in Ohio, spotted cow is a quest beer, you have to seek it out. it was worth the trip, and i can't wait for my next trip to see the folks at Epic, i will make sure they have the cow, no matter where i eat. thanks! dab 07/18/2011
No new posts Chadd Amazing! 07/12/2011
No new posts Matthew On behalf of the Marines at New River North Carolina thanks for the great beer! 07/11/2011
No new posts John Went back for a visit to WI this weekend and had Moon Man. I cannot imagine drinking any another Pale Ale! Good bye sierra nevada, I've been shot to the moon! 07/11/2011
No new posts Steve I love your beer, and I just finished one of your unplugged Abt's. It was fantastic. Keep on brewing and I'll keep on drinking! 07/10/2011
No new posts Craig Steedley Hello, I am from Augusta, Ga. and recently we headed up to visit my wife's family in Mich., but first I wanted to visit my God Parents in northern Minn., to which I had not seen in over 25yrs. On 24 June 2011 we stopped in at The Mousehouse in Windsor, Wi. to stretch our legs. There I came across a number of beers, which I had never seen, and so I read through the labels coming across Spotted Cow. Well, now I had to wait to try this new beer since I was doing most of the driving.... I can say this, it was well worth the wait! I am a Michelob Ultra drinker, but the Spotted Cow out does anything I have every tasted. Plus being a military brat as well as serving myself, I have lived in Germany and Korea where I had traveled and got to taste many beers. I will spread the word, though I am sure you need no help.... wish you were down here. Your new fan, Craig 07/10/2011
No new posts Kenneth Stagg Thanks for putting the Pedals for Paws ride on your webpage. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise and it was a great ride. I hadn't been down to Green County before and it is beautiful. It's a shame you were out of Stone Soup when I finally made it to the brewery gift store but I was kind of expecting it. I sure hope it's back again next year. 07/10/2011
No new posts Craig Croson My Dad and stepMom just returned from a trip to your area and gave me a 6 pack of the Spotted Cow Ale. I tried one last night and found the taste similar to one of the Belgian Ales I used to drink years ago (Duvel). My tastes have changed over the years and I prefer summer wheats like Paulaner (might need to try one of your wheat beers next). Probably a little difficult to find your beer down here in PA :) Keep up the good work! 07/09/2011
No new posts Emily Kemme We loved our visit to Wisconsin, and thoroughly enjoyed your beers, particularly Spotted Cow! In fact, I included it, and other experiences in your wonderful state in my blog, You can read the article here: Thanks for being such friendly people! 07/07/2011
No new posts Pamela Just got back from Wisconsin Dells and had a Spotted Cow. This has got to be one of the best beers ever. Wish I would have picked up a case before I left for home. Guess that gives me a good reason to come back to WI. 07/06/2011
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