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No new posts Vicki Golly. I first tried Spotted Cow when at Geneva Lake last year. Had some more this visit and LOVE it. Only regret is not bringing some home to Effingham. Will be sure to grab some when back on Fontana/Williams Bay over Labor Day! 07/06/2011
No new posts Chuck I tried the Spotted Cow when I visited Dubuque last Christmas and brought back a 6 pack to TX. I just returned from DBQ and brought back a case. Just a good beer- 07/04/2011
No new posts Paul Every time I visit my home state of Wisconsin, I make sure to pick up some Spotted Cow. It would be fantastic if there was a way to sell it in other states like the one I live in (California). I have to say you make some of the best beer I have ever enjoyed. Thank you, Paul 06/30/2011
No new posts Terry - Amarillo Tx After enjoying the sampler 12 pack my son-in-law brought on a recent visit, I will definitely include New Glarus brews in my semi-annual beer runs to Wisconsin. I also go to buy cheese and maple syrup and of course to visit family. 06/30/2011
No new posts Woodrow Olson I'm a big fan of your Belgian Red, & Raspberry Tart and turned many a Minnesotan onto your beers. But I am sorely waiting (hoping) for another batch of your Cherry Stout! 06/27/2011
No new posts Nathan Superior,WI. WOW!!! I love the new IIPA, I know it says you may never make it again, I hope you do though, but I will buy it till they are out very very very good. My double IPA's are good, but not this good. 06/27/2011
No new posts Dennis - Sara Schumaker Boy, we had a nice time visiting New Glarus and the New Glarus Brewery yesterday. We are very happy that we stopped. Fairly new to New Glarus brands, but now enjoying them every trip we make to WI. Very freindly employees. Keep up the great work! 06/27/2011
No new posts Brad in Tucson My wife and I just moved from New Glarus to Tucson, and the biggest complaint about moving was not being able to pick up some Cow whenever we wanted. Keep doing what you're doing! 06/25/2011
No new posts Bea Gruetzi from Switzerland. We'll be passing through New Glarus in mid-July and will be picking up a variety of beers for a friend with a micro-brewery in Colorado - think he'll enjoy the gift. Looking forward to seeing little Switzerland in Wisconsin - haven't been to New Glarus in 30 years! CU soon! 06/22/2011
No new posts Mark Ridgway I just told my girlfriend that for her birthday on 7/2/11 that i'm taking her up to Wi. to visit New Glarus again and drink some more of your Spotted Cow. She said "that is going to be the best birthday present ever" She just loved the first visit 2 years ago and she said she loved me. thank God for Spotted Cow. I might get lucky that 06/21/2011
No new posts Roger in Wash. I really enjoyed seeing the brewery earlier in June and the bottles of Moon Man and Dancing Man I brought home in my checked luggage. A niece in Rockford had sent me a Spotted Cow sweatshirt last Christmas and I wore it at the Wash. Brewers Festival in Seattle last Sunday. At least half a dozen strangers came up to me and said "great brewery; love their .....{insert a beer name]. 06/21/2011
No new posts Jamie Just passing through Madison and tried your spotted cow and it is fantastic one of the best I have had in a long time. Great work! Can't wait to try the rest! 06/20/2011
No new posts Dan & Linda Jones OK, we just tried your IIPA. What a great beer for us hopheads! The aroma bowled us over and the flavor was just fabulous. Our Neighbor, Kevin, said he loved it too. We hope this was not just a one-time brew. Dan has done it again! Thanks for another great beer. 06/16/2011
No new posts Trudi Anne OMG..I went to visit my best friends Cindy & Chuck in Cartersville, GA and they gave me a bottle of Spotted Cow...WOW!!!It was love at first sip!! They are heading to MN (where Cindy is originally from)and I am going to have them bring some Spotted Cow back..Would be great to have this fine beer in ATL, GA..KUDOS to all of you @ New Glarus Brewing Company! 06/16/2011
No new posts David Spotted Cow is simply THE. BEST. BEER. in Wisconsin. Or anywhere else for that matter. It's people like you that make living in Wisconsin so special. Even if our government has gone insane. 06/14/2011
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