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No new posts Emily from Illinois I love Spotted Cow and would love to be able to buy it in Illinois...I know many others that feel the same way. Please expand your distribution...I do have family up in Mt. Horeb, but I can't make it up there that often...What do you say? 06/14/2011
No new posts Dave LOVE your beers. Would like cans of spooted cow for summer events that CAN'T have bottles. Would love cans that need need a can opener to open, not pop top if possible. 06/10/2011
No new posts Gene N Just recently I have been introduced to Spotted Cow. I have to say it is now my favorite of all time. The downside to this is you don't distribute in Illinois. Judging by the comments, if you ever do expand your distribution network, you will probably have a growth spurt of unequaled proportions. Good Luck and keep cranking out the Spotted Cow. I will be stocking up and importing several cases across the border this weekend. I even have friends placing orders for my next trip! 06/10/2011
No new posts Mark Schuenke Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for bringing back Uff-da bock. I will be replenishing my stocks! 06/07/2011
No new posts Chris from Indiana I had a neighbor come to my house and brought this really big beer that looked really old. He said it had 1 lb. of cherries in it and I had to try it. I tried it and H*&Y S*&T I fell in love. I make him bring me back some enigma, spotted cow, totally naked and the Belgian Red of course every time he goes there. Now I know what a beer is suppose to taste like. 06/06/2011
No new posts Cory I still think that "Moon Man" is the best beer that I've ever enjoyed... especially on a hot Summer day with a pint glass and a lemon wedge! Thank you! 06/04/2011
No new posts Caren TeGantvoort I am so sad, that I will not be able to drink my Spotted Cow, Fat Squirrel anymore because I'm moving to NV. I hope one day you will be able to sell your great product outside the state of WI. You really do have a great beer~ Thanks 06/04/2011
No new posts Robert I have recently heard about corporate beer companies trying to run you out of business through legislation in your homestate. I wanted to say as a Kansas resident, I have stopped supporting said company. Since they cannot compete with taste and quality, they try to kill competition though shady back door laws. I hope, if passed, you go national and beat them at their own game. 06/03/2011
No new posts Eric As an Illinoisan who frequently travels to Wisconsin, I always make a point of stocking up on my favorite provisions, not the least of which is New Glarus beer. I've enjoyed every variety I've tried, but Dan, your Unplugged Smoked Rye Ale occupies a special place of honor in my fridge. It's the perfect accompaniment for most anything I make on the grill, especially mesquite-smoked beef ribs! Here's hoping you'll brew another batch for next summer! 06/03/2011
No new posts Kim Deborah, Again, it was a pleasure to hear you speak this morning in Milwaukee. My colleague, Rita McCain-Walker (also with WHEDA), stopped by to say we especially appreciated your support for public education and your gracious disagreement with Senator Johnson regarding the economy. I stopped at The Outpost on my way home and decided to purchase a 6 pack of Two Women. Cheers! Kim Plache 06/03/2011
No new posts Ron in NH I beg you.... please, please, please make your delicious beers available outside of Wisconsin. I used to live in Chicago and would take frequent trips to WI for Spotted Cow and the other favorites. My friends thought I was nuts until they had one. The local breweries around here don't compare to the goodness that is Spotted Cow and Fat Squirrel. Someday.... 05/29/2011
No new posts Marcel Just wanted to comment on the incredible taste of the Unplugged Imperial Weizen. We live in Manitoba, Canada and found out about your beer in Hudson, Wisconsin a few years ago. Unfortunately we only get out to your area once a year, as we are about 450 miles from Minneapolis. This past week I found the Imperial Weizen as well as the usual Dancing Man that I thoroughly enjoy. Let us know when you will be moving your brewery to Canada.... 05/28/2011
No new posts Dan Love the Apple Ale! Thank You! 05/24/2011
No new posts Bryant Gill I can't believe I know what delicious beer is supposed to taste like. The Back 40 is great and wow the Cabin Fever is just amazing. 05/23/2011
No new posts Jason and Elyse My wife and our friends who now live in Madison, WI visited your brewery on 5/15. Your facility is wonderful and your staff were great. The self guided tour and tasting is a must do for anyone visiting the Madison area! Our Spotted Cow magnet will remind us of our visit, however we wish that we could purchase it in Pittsburgh, PA. Spotted Cow and Apple Ale are the best! 05/20/2011
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