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No new posts Joy Thank you for shipping my Spotted cow appreal so quickly. My husband was very surprised and it made his birthday special. Your customer service is outstanding! No surprise so are your beers. 05/17/2011
No new posts Jerry Vinson Wounderful too bad I cannot get it in Missouri 05/11/2011
No new posts Matt from Milw. I tried the Coffee Stout for the first time the other day and I went to heaven. Make this seasonal beer a regular and I will never leave. 05/09/2011
No new posts Hermann the German Work got me from Nurnberg to Waukesha and I was looking for a good local brew..... I found it!! I’m seriously surprised and will be able to tell at home that there really is great beer made in the US, finally! 05/07/2011
No new posts Greg Geiger Just had two women...the beer-my new all time favorite just edging ahead of spotted cow 05/06/2011
No new posts pops finally i found your coffee stout. it has been a few years since i was able to purchase it. i love it!!!!!!!!!!! the first time i drank it was in about 2003.i can from work, got and the computer and next thing i knew it was 6 am. ( i work 2nd shift). praise the Lord i found it again today at tenuta's. this will be a happy day. 05/02/2011
No new posts Chris Just visited New Glarus for the first time 4-30-2011 and the New Glarus Brewery is beautiful inside and out, and the beer is just as wonderful. I was lucky enough to try the Unplugged Apple Ale at one of the local eatery/pubs and it's fantastic. Please think about this one again and in the summer when it's hot. Plus, the Brewery does a great job of involving the local business's with a local coupon book. Fantastic all the way around. Thanks! 05/02/2011
No new posts Daniel from Janesville Your efforts on brewing Moon Man are very evident. I brew my own beer and enjoy drinking it. But your Moon Man is a beer I buy regularly because it I believe is perfect. My highest rating. And Thank you. 05/01/2011
No new posts Patrick I was recently turned on to Fat Squirrel. All I can say is YUM! Thank you Dan for this delicious brew. So good I felt compelled to get online and post a thank you. My only regret is I have been missing out all these years! Keep up the good work, every bottle of New Glarus beer I've ever bought has been just as fresh and tasty as the last, never a bad experience with any batch. Spotted Cow (The Cow as it's known in these parts has always been a favorite of mine, along with coffee stout) 04/30/2011
No new posts John Just now trying my first of your IIPA -- very nice! Brew this one again, OK? 04/21/2011
No new posts Paul Ashman Just tried your Smoked Rye ale. Hope it comes back. Just delicious, and it avoids the typical bane of novel brews, that one needs to be in the right mood to enjoy it. I'd have this almost as often as the Fat Squirrel or Spotted Cow, which are exquisite, yet have a mellow enough flavor to have anytime. BTW, your Dancing Man is the only wheat beer I truly enjoy, and your IPA was the only IPA I wanted more of. A totally different take that saves the genre for me. Keep up the good work. 04/18/2011
No new posts Dave M When I flew into Chicago for work I had a taste for some Spotted Cow Beer. My friend and I ran to the Wisconsin/Illinois border, had dinner and picked up 3 cases. We treated our family and friends for the next week. Just love the Spotted Cow. 04/18/2011
No new posts Stephen Lukes I have been a home brewer & microbrew connoisseur for twenty years, have never had a favorite micro beer because there are soooo many good ones, but I finally DO have an absolute favorite. The complexity & delicate flavor profile of your Moon Man beer has captured mine & my wife's taste buds!! Please never stop producing this golden elixir. I assume that you must already know that you have absolutely hit the mark with this remarkable No Coast Pale Ale. Proof yet again, that neither coast has anything on middle Midwest!! Thank you so much for crafting a truly remarkable brew! 04/17/2011
No new posts Samantha Crespo Hi guys -- I wanted to let you know that I covered New Glarus per Milwaukee Pedal Tavern's suggestion in my blog for You can view the blog here, and feel free to share it with all of your loyal fans: 04/15/2011
No new posts stormy lntz need Spootted Cow to be available for purchase in Fargo,ND.Yes, i am pleading! 04/13/2011
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