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No new posts Darren in Muskego Looking forward to whatever you decide to brew, keep up the good work!! 12/28/2007
No new posts Brett Frankenberg I live in Charlotte NC and I love your beer. I even visit my brother in Wisconsin to get New Glarus. Please ship some.. 12/28/2007
No new posts Jim K. The Hallmark of BEERS!!!!!!! 12/24/2007
No new posts Jason I grew up in the Monticello, New Glarus area. I even worked at many of the local establishments including the Monticello House and the Swiss Valley Apple Orchard. New Glarus Brewery beers will always have a special place in my belly. 12/22/2007
No new posts jason hartman great site, wonderful bier!!!! can I get a job? will work for bier 12/21/2007
No new posts Christin Spotted Cow...Chicago...Spotted Cow...Chicago...its a perfect mix. After all, our city's history is famous for a certain fire-prone bovine. Hope to see some in Chi-town soon. LOVE IT. 12/21/2007
No new posts Chad Laurent Your beers are amazing and I can't get home to MN (within range of your distribution) often enough. Cheers! 12/19/2007
No new posts Marcia We had our first taste of Spotted Cow a year ago at my neice's wedding. Unfortunately we live in Maryland and have relied on very good friends to ship us a supply every few months. We just recieved 2 six packs and are rationing it through the holidays. On our next visit to WI we will definitely be making a trip to your brewery. 12/18/2007
No new posts Mikey McGibbon My compliments to the architects of my 'new' favorite beer, your very own Dancing Man Wheat... WOW! have you hit this one spot on! Thank you! Cheers -Mikey 12/18/2007
No new posts Wade Williams The Organic Pale Ale is excellent. Very well rounded for a pale ale. Please do continue. 12/17/2007
No new posts harley I just wanted to say that by far, your spotted cow is my favorite beer... I went out this weekend with friends and, of course, a designated driver, and stopped at 15 local bars, at all of which i ordered a Spotted Cow.All but 3 had it on tap. You really have something good going here as 11 of the 14 friends will attest too from my romp around wisconsin this weekend. PLEASE DONT CHANGE A THING!!!! Thanks guys...KEEP IT UP!!! 12/17/2007
No new posts Wm.D.Davidson Jr. Great site and Great beer. I jst finished my last bottle of SC yesterday. I was only able to smuggle out a couple of bottles while visiting freinds in Fitchburg. I will return for more. Merry Christmas & Happy 2008 WD 12/17/2007
No new posts Brenda I will have to visit New Glarus soon. Totally Naked sounds WONDERFUL. I can't wait until the gift shop opens. I think you are about 2 - 3 hours away. Best wishes in 2008! 12/17/2007
No new posts Lora My favortie is raspberry tart! Your site is enjoyable and I will tour your facilty soon! Thanks for the great stuff! 12/16/2007
No new posts larry mueller great beers, great website... had the spotted cow at the hayward wi golf club this summer.. wonderful brew,, tried the organic in lake geneva just recently,,, wow!! 12/15/2007
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