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No new posts Mike Thanks for mastering the craft of creating such fabulous beers! A good friend , Ryan, recently toured your facility and brought me back an assortment of your fine beers. I will be stopping on my way through Wisconsin and loading up on my way back to Michigan. Thanks again! 04/12/2011
No new posts John Walaszek OMG!!!! just picked up a 4-pack of the Thumbprint IIPA and this is the beer of my dreams. Incredibly aromatic, very drinkable, not overly bitter, perfectly balanced!!!!. I hope this beer is available for a LONG, LONG time!!!! 04/04/2011
No new posts Paul Schilling My wife just picked up a 6 of Two Women from Pick n Save today. It is the best tasting beer I have ever had . Please make it a full time brew. 04/02/2011
No new posts Mike Thompson I like to try local beers when traveling - I was in the Dells with my wife and kids this week and tried the Spotted Cow. One of the best beers I've ever had anywhere in the world. It is THAT good. I ended up drinking a few each day - and was crushed to learn I can't get it in Illinois - not even through the mail. So I bought as much as much as I could squeeze in the car before I left for home. :) Now I'm looking for reasons to go back to Wisconsin..... 03/30/2011
No new posts Jeff S. Just came-off of a visit to the Brewery on the morning of 3/28/11. A wonderful experience! The employees were friendly, knowledgeable, and appear to be as excited about beer as myself. And, the place is immaculate; from floor to ceiling. Truly passionate! Thank-you for your hospitality and stunningly tasty brews! 03/30/2011
No new posts Dan Griffith Just spent 3 weeks back in Wisconsin and lovin' New Glarus beer. I'll be sad to leave it, but I'm taking as much with me as I can cram in the car! 03/25/2011
No new posts Dan Ziegler Congratulations Deb, on being named Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year. What a great honor for a great person who helps run a GREAT business in New Glarus. Keep up the GREAT work. 03/23/2011
No new posts Scott I just started drinking your beer and I love it. It has a smooth taste, a nice buzz, and it doesn't give me acid reflux like the mass produced beers. Thanks a lot. 03/22/2011
No new posts mark nissen I want to marry your Spotted Cow 03/21/2011
No new posts Faron Langston I have been drinking spotted cow for about four years and I drive 95 miles every couple of weeks to pick up beer for me and my friends and co-workers we love the beer and wish we could get it at home but hey Its worth the drive. oh and by the way it sounds like a great place to work too sounds like you treat your employees well and that my friends is worth its weight in gold you have really made a fan of me for that. thanks Faron 03/20/2011
No new posts Jim @Minneapolis I love the new video of the brewery I will be making the pilgrimage to the brewery this summer in the peak of Hefeweizen season. Hopin to see something speacial on tap at the brew hall. love you guys 03/16/2011
No new posts cory My wife pickeup up a bottle of the Wisc Beglian Red for me while she was visiting Appleton......great stuff!! 03/15/2011
No new posts Ann Have you guys thought about making a new beer in honor of the Wisconsin 14 and calling it Erpenbach? Seriously! 03/15/2011
No new posts Adam Bowers Moved to Wisconsin, turned 21, tried Spotted Cow, turned my brother, dad, best friends, and even my cousin from Iowa onto the stuff!!! I'm happy they all felt the same way about this deliciousness called "Spotted Cow" that I do!! Thanks for doing what you guys do best. 03/15/2011
No new posts lookas I hope you brew cherry stout again. by far the best beer I ever had.. I bought literally every case of it in Appleton WI, I hope it becomes a regular seasonal some day! 03/14/2011
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