Stone Soup

Stone Soup
Stone Soup
Who is qualified to judge one's contribution? Is it the blend of American, English and German malts or shall credit be given to traditional Oregon and Washington hops? Maybe it's the Belgian Monastic yeast or the Brewer's tender care? Combined, this is a sophisticated Abbey style ale. Both elegant and drinkable, this ale is cleanly aromatic with spicy notes of clove and ginger. Crisp and fragrant up front while gracefully sliding into warm malt notes at the finish.

Fermented naturally in this bottle, this beer in your hand is a living testament to the value of many working together to create something bigger than the individual parts. Moving a mountain begins with a single stone.

Style:Abbey Ale
Flavor:Cleanly aromatic with spicy notes
Availability:6 packs, Cases, 1/2 Barrels and 1/4 Barrels
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