Seasonal Beers

Seasonal Beers
  • Find out more about Cabin Fever. Cabin Fever Naturally sweet Clover Honey was added in the kettle accenting this pale bock's warm flavor notes on your tongue.
  • Find out more about Coffee Stout. Coffee Stout Hearty and satisfying, our Coffee Stout is the ultimate full-bodied brew. Wisconsin water, roasted malts and American hops are the natural ingredients we use to brew this bier.
  • Find out more about Totally Naked. Totally Naked Pure and crisp, this is a beer with nothing to hide. Kick back, relax and enjoy the simple unadorned flavor.
  • Find out more about Snowshoe Ale. Snowshoe Ale Settle in with Wisconsin's Snowshoe Ale. This beer is brewed with a blend of American and German malts.
  • Find out more about Road Slush. Road Slush This dark stout is a hearty and satisfying reward for those of us who embrace the frozen tundra.
  • Find out more about Uff-da. Uff-da Hearty and full-bodied this is a "Big" bier. Complex and smooth with deep chocolate and coffee undertones.
  • Find out more about Fat Squirrel. Fat Squirrel 100% Wisconsin malt of six different varieties impart the natural toasted color. Clean hazelnut notes result from these carefully chosen barley malts.
  • Find out more about Dancing Man Wheat. Dancing Man Wheat If you dream of wheat this brew will get your toes tapping. Lick the foam from your mouth and admit sometimes you just gotta get up and dance.
  • Find out more about Staghorn Octoberfest. Staghorn Octoberfest Be sure to hold this one up to the light of any harvest moon and enjoy "Wisconsin's Real Red."
  • Find out more about Bubbler. Bubbler 100% naturally carbonated and hazy, expect this living beer to pour an exuberant effervescent gold.
  • Find out more about Black Top. Black Top Expect this beer to pour a hop forward jet black glass brimming with aromatic bitterness.