Thumbprint Series

Thumbprint Series beers packaging includes 4 Pack Cans, 4 Pack Bottles, and 24 Pack Case Bottles available at your Local Wisconsin Retailers.

30th Anniversary Quadruple

Brewing for our Wisconsin friends since 1993 deserves celebration! This Belgian Quad is a hearty combination of Czech, German and American malted barley. Rich luxurious raisin, vanilla, dried fruit and dark chocolate notes pervade. New Glarus Estate and German Diamant hops champion subtle notes of cinnamon and clove. Belgian dark candy sugar pushes the original gravity to 24 degrees Plato. Be warned Dan's balanced artistry conceals a 10.5% ABV. This is a voluminous brew ready to be savored tonight or laid down to celebrate a future occasion.

Sold in 4 Pack Can Packages Only.

Enigma 23

A complex and intriguing original. The mystery
began with wild yeast spontaneously fermenting a rich treasure of malted barley and cherries. Unlined oak casks breathe deep vanilla hues and chords of smoke into this sour brown ale. Our Master Brewer has forged a smooth garnet tapestry that defies description. Wander off the beaten path.

Sold in 4pk Bottles, 24pk Bottles.

Strawberry Rhubarb

Wisconsin Fruit Ale

Teased from the loam by the kiss of the Sun. Mom’s Strawberry Rhubarb delights are the happy memories of childhood. Diploma Master Brewer Dan employed juicy sweet Strawberries to tame the barbaric wild tart fermentation of rhubarb. Escaped from the far corners of neighboring yards, local rhubarb was incorporated into the wild sour fermentation to create this drinkable dream. Bright sour and effervescent.

Sold in 4pk Cans, 4pk Bottles, and 24pk Bottles.


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