Thumbprint Series

Thumbprint Series beers packaging includes 4 Pack Cans, 4 Pack Bottles, and 24 Pack Case Bottles available at your Local Wisconsin Retailers.

Milk Chocolate Stout

Dive into the deep cocoa magic that is our Milk Chocolate Stout. Rich fudgy notes layered with English Dark Crystal malt and smoothed by contributions from Wisconsin bovines. Brewmaster Dan artfully blends American and German hops creating an aromatic delight. Best served at 48 degrees F. Melt into our passionate indulgence and linger in the moment.

Sold in 4pk Cans Only.

Spotted Cow Grand Cru

This boss Cow rules with 9% ABV and an Original Gravity of 18.4 degrees Plato. Fine Wisconsin malts step out with hand chosen Oregon and Washington hops. Fresh coriander and sweet orange peel kick up Dan’s special Farmhouse Ale. Bottle fermented and fresh as an early meadow morning, expect Spotted Cow Grand Cru to be an assertively quaffable Imperial edition of Wisconsin’s favorite local brew.

Sold in 4pk Cans Only.

Scream IIPA


Scream pierces effortless slices above our Brewery skies just as Old Abe circled Wisconsin’s 8th Infantry during the Civil War. He calls us to something bigger. Scream boasts four pounds of hops per barrel that reverberate cleanly through our double IPA. Seven hop varieties including experimental and estate grown hops dominate this brew from kettle boil to dry hopping. You hold a deceptively seductive IIPA that is always 100% naturally bottle conditioned. Luscious Wisconsin malted barley along with English Maris Otter malt is the bold heart of this lustful sensory enchantment. Surrender is inevitable so enjoy today.

Sold in 4pk Cans Only.

Scotch Ale

Just a Wee Heavy to fortify friendly celebrations on cooler evenings. A burly beast of a brew 9.75% ABV this Scotch Ale is designed for luxurious sipping over an evening’s fireside chat. Heirloom UK barley malt is responsible for rich toffee
and malty biscuit notes that resonate throughout. Scottish folks share Wisconsin’s independent and resourceful nature relying on an unusually cool ale fermentation to deliver plum and raisin notes. Enjoy our sweet black ruby indulgence tonight or relish at a future event.

Sold in 4pk Bottles, 24pk Bottles.


A complex and intriguing original. The mystery
began with wild yeast spontaneously fermenting a rich treasure of malted barley and cherries. Unlined oak casks breathe deep vanilla hues and chords of smoke into this sour brown ale. Our Master Brewer has forged a smooth garnet tapestry that defies description. Wander off the beaten path.

Sold in 4pk Bottles, 24pk Bottles.


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